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Barry P. Chaiken, MD, MPH

Barry P. Chaiken, MD, MPH, an international keynote speaker, has over 25 years of experience in healthcare information technology, clinical transformation, and business intelligence. He is President of DocsNetwork Ltd. and previously worked with the National Institutes of Health, UK National Health Service, McKesson, Infor, and Salesforce/Tableau. Chaiken is the author of the recently released Navigating the Code: How Technology Transforms the Patient-Physician Journey, a book on healthcare information technology and its potential impact on quality, access, and cost of care. His second book Future Healthcare 2035: How AI Will Transform the Patient-Physician Journey will be published in September.

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Navigating the Code

The healthcare industry, unlike many others, runs on time-tested ways to practice excellence in medicine. But does that mean adherence to practices and processes that are fifty, seventy, even a hundred years old?

Dr. Barry P. Chaiken thinks not. His 25+ years of experience as a physician and an informaticist, he believes information technology is healthcare’s greatest problem-solving tool for resolving the greatest medical and business problems of the 21st century.